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Outdoor Activities

Outdoor play is good for your child’s physical health, development and self-confidence. It’s great fun too!

Encourage your child to play outside several times a day.

Outdoor play ideas include tummy time, ball play, nature walks, bike rides and more.

Outdoor play is any activity or interaction that a child has with nature out in the open air. It’s what they see, hear, feel and smell out there.

Start small and get some Vitamin D while walking outside

Go for regular walks, bike rides or runs as a family. Many urban communities have trails and bike paths through parks, riverways or lakefronts.

Chalk obstacle course.

All you need is chalk and some vision. For literate children, write out an array of gross motor movements in a sequence, like you would hop scotch. For instance: jump like a bunny x 3, hold tree pose on one side, walk on your hands and feet, jump on one foot, hold tree pose on the other side, jump on the opposite foot, twirl x 2, jump up and try touch the sky x 4.

Hula hoop race & catch.

This is such a simple activity for kids and it’s SO fun. You will need multiple hula hoops. Head to an area with lots of green space, and have the children line up. Holding the hula hoops vertically, roll them with as much force as you can along the ground. Call out each child’s name and have them run after the hoop to catch it. Every time they bring back a hoop, throw another one! This is amazing hand-eye coordination practice.

Have fun in the sun with these ideas to bond and create great memories with your family:

  • Have a picnic lunch at the playground or park.
  • Create an outdoor scavenger hunt where your kids collect items from nature.
  • Go on a bug hunt! Give your kids a container and have them collect different kinds of bugs.
  • Turn your yard into an obstacle course. Use cones, sticks, a hula hoop, and other items from your garage or backyard to create fun obstacles.
  • Blow gigantic bubbles. Fill up a sheet pan with a bubble mixture and dip an over-sized wand to see who can blow the biggest bubble.

Do your normal everyday activities outside 

  • Do homework, eat meals, craft, read books, or play games all outside! Even if you don’t have a formal outdoor living space, find some shade and throw down a blanket!
  • Outside art projects. If you are tired of your kids projects making a mess in your house, then bring them outside! A few fun ideas: a playdough picnic, where you let your kids make pretend food out of playdough. Nature art – collect leaves, flower, sticks, seeds, and pine cones to make natural artwork. Outdoor painting – bring an easel and paint out to your backyard so your kids can enjoy painting nature scenes.
  • Star gaze, or look for shapes in clouds. Set up a blanket, binoculars or a telescope and enjoy the sky! Have a bonfire. Make sure you practice good fire safety habits and supervise all campfire activities. But this is a great way to bond with your family, create memories and enjoy the outdoors.